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Buying a Home in London

So, you’re searching for your “Dream Home”. After exploring the housing market in London, you may begin to ask yourself – “Does this home even exist?” 

You spend days, weeks and months trudging through websites, even pounding the streets and lanes, looking for your perfect home.

And what do you find? Nothing.

Looking to buy a home in London can be depressing. Can you believe that? London, the capital of the World! The city that advertises slick apartments and beautiful country homes- how could that be possible? As someone who’s been out there looking for my dream home too, I completely understand your struggle.  

You may come across a home with ample space in terms of square meters, but it may be too cramped with too many rooms a la Victoriana. Or you might stumble across a property with the right layout but the overall space would be too small for your family. So what are the steps you can take in order to find a home that fits all of your criteria?

A Victorian home in the heart of London that is someones dream home

The Steps of Finding a Home to Buy in London: 

  1. Rightmove and Zoopla- These websites are a godsend, giving you the ability to browse through thousands of properties from the comfort of your couch. There are various other websites which may be lesser known but have alternative listings of properties.
  2. Register with a Local Real Estate Agents-  When I was searching for my home I registered with agents in every area that I was interested in. Local agents often have access to properties not yet advertised and if they know what you’re looking for and find the right fit, they’ll be calling you first.

By simply looking through hundreds of properties as they are, whether online or by visiting them, is NEVER going to produce your dream home. If you are searching for a home that perfectly aligns with all the features you want you may end up disappointed; there will always be some compromise to make.

How do you find and purchase your dream home then? This is one of the largest investments that you will make in your life. You have worked hard to earn your money, so shouldn’t you get what we’ve always dreamed of?

Let me to let you in on a secret…

A crowded street in London lined with homes for sale

The Secret to Finding Your Dream Home in London

Bluntly put- London is cramped. It is heaving with old properties, none of which can properly serve your modern lifestyle. The trick is for you to SEE the POTENTIAL in the existing properties that are available. A large number, if not majority of new homes in London are built upon the existing stock. So, the next time you view a property, try to look at it through a new set of eyes. 

Any house as it stands can be completely renovated to your heart’s desires. Any plot, even with an existing house or garage on it, can be rebuilt upon. Widen your perspective and discover how a warehouse full of character could be converted into a living space. An old barn, empty or derelict spaces, gap plots – they all hold immense potential, providing the core element you will require to actualize you dream home. SPACE! These non-traditional locations and buildings not only allow you to build a dream home, they also offer the opportunity to create a structure that is just as unique as you.

First and foremost, you should build a set of fundamental requirements for you and your family. Mind you, your understanding of these requirements  comes with getting some experience in viewing a few properties first. When you go for viewings, assess the length and depth of the plot in its entirety. Will it lend itself to the size of home you want? Is the location right for you? There will certainly be other criteria on your specific list.

If the fundamentals are in place, then the potential for your dream home exists! With the help of the right professionals, the process of building your Dream Home is really not that difficult after all. 

Visualize Your Dream Home, Then Build it.

Designing and building a Dream Home is where the real magic begins. This is where the experts comes in. By partnering with professionals, you will make your life much easier and be left with a structure that truly brings your family pride. This is what we love doing at Stories! We live to design and build structures that perfectly fit the values and desires of those who reside within them. Hire an architect – we will show you the way and to inspire you! It is our job to lend you our imagination, make you part of the process, hold your hand through the boring stuff like contracts, engineers, and builders. The home that you get at the end will be everything you always wanted. It will be worth it.

See your Dream.

Ready to take the leap of faith that will lead to your Dream Home? You can call me at anytime at 0203 876 4935 or reach out to our team and send us a message HERE.