Architecture & Interior Design London | Stories by Shabnam Noor | London Home Refurbishment Living Room
Architecture & Interior Design London | Stories by Shabnam Noor | Interior Design Living Room
Architecture & Interior Design London | Stories by Shabnam Noor | architects walking in modern building
Architecture & Interior Design London | Stories by Shabnam Noor | Residential Pool Renovation

stories by Shabnam Noor is an Architecture and Interior Design practice based in London. We craft refined designs that inspire and excite at their core, elevating the potential of any living space for those who demand more out of life.”

The vast majority of our projects in London require us to work with houses in conservation areas, some of which are listed. Our design philosophy is to make modern interventions which express themselves as distinct architectural elements within the historic fabric of the buildings. We have a track record of successfully working alongside local authorities and heritage bodies to positively gain planning approvals and listed building consents. We also work with larger estates and country retreats away from the city, on projects ranging from historic restorations to contemporary new-builds.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I can’t not recommend Shabnam and Rizwan highly enough. My wife and I have be planning an extension for many years and wanted to find an architect that was exceptional with design and customer focused. This is a massive project for our family and needed our architect to full understand our brief and work within the limits of our budget. I can confidentially say that Shabnam and Rizwan have delivered on every aspect. At the time of writing this we were just in the design stage and so will update with photos once the build is complete. One last thing. Just wanted to thank Shabnam and Rizwan for their hard work so far.
When working with Shabnam, I found the process very helpful, and the little booklet explained the various aspects very well. Shabnam really listened to us, as the 3 designs presented to us reflected this. I personally liked them all and was very impressed. Shabnam is approachable and easy to talk to. Often architects have very set ideas and push clients in their preferred direction; however, she really listened and came up with impressive designs. It was a pleasure working with Shabnam!
Shabnam was a huge support to us during our complicated and stressful build. She helped alleviate the stress of dealing with the contractors and helped us to understand each stage of the process by using clear and uncomplicated language. She was always professional in her dealings with us, and the contractors, and her warm and approachable manner made us feel reassured at all times. This was a huge project for us and we honestly could not have got through such a daunting project without her. I would not hesitate to recommend her to friends and loved ones in the future!
We were impressed by the professionalism in the initial consultation. We were ‘renovation novices’ and were hugely busy with work and family commitments. We were delighted with the care taken to develop and finalise a design which not only accommodated our needs but also added features which we would not have thought of ourselves. Our house is now reconfigured with design features that are unique and much admired, a fantastic use of space, a green roof on an extension - all in a conservation area - quite a feat. We were equally impressed with the high quality of technical drawings, the liaison with structural engineers and submissions to, and successful navigation of, the planning process. As a result we have a fantastic home which maximises space and light and meets all of our requirements in terms of storage and style. We would highly recommend working with Shabnam.

What Story Will You Tell?

Our end goal is always to manifest a structure that induces excitement, joy, and pride. The space we construct together is an extension of your beliefs and legacy, but more importantly, it tells your story to the world. What is the theme of your tale? What elements do you want to infuse into the core of your living space? Our team is here to help you uncover the answers that will yield a beautiful example of the true potential of architecture and design. Looking for some inspiration?

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